Penny L.

2021-07-05T18:46:56-04:00August 23, 2018|

Really enjoy living in their property on W 56th St! The staff is responsive and respectable, the building is well kept, and the location couldn't [...]

Tori K.

2021-07-05T18:46:56-04:00August 22, 2018|

Love living in their building in Midtown West! The staff is wonderful and the building is beautifully kept. Kathy has also been superbly helpful in [...]

Joseph S.

2021-07-05T18:46:56-04:00July 27, 2018|

Really enjoying living in their building! The application and lease signing process was fast and smooth. The staff in the building is extremely helpful, responsive, [...]

Lior Z.

2021-07-02T02:27:59-04:00July 25, 2018|

Amazing building! I live in their building at midtown west. The staff is great, so nice and always here to help. The apartment is amazing [...]

Leor D.

2021-07-05T18:46:56-04:00July 23, 2018|

I live in their property in Maury Hill. The management company is great, the building is always clean and the doorman's are very friendly and [...]

Chen R.

2021-07-02T02:28:38-04:00July 22, 2018|

Great management, Kathy from the leasing office helped me a lot with my transfer between their building, currently live at their building at E 85 [...]

Jonathan S.

2021-07-02T02:29:01-04:00December 6, 2016|

I reviewed some of the negative comments and I'm not sure if they were about the past management. I've been working with them for over [...]

Risa C.

2021-07-02T02:29:34-04:00December 4, 2016|

Everything involved in renting my apartment from start to finish has been an easy and quick process. The building is beautiful, clean, quiet and extremely [...]

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